Lately, I feel like there’s just more and more crazy things going on in our world. Everyday there’s a new story about someone big in Hollywood, a politician or someone in power that is accused of sexual misconduct. There’s a new school shooting on the news. Or a white supremacist group putting up flyers on university campuses and other areas. Then when I  zoom in and look at those in my own community, I see another friend of mine experiencing heartache. Or another loved one receiving a cancer diagnosis. And honestly, the list could go on and on. I’m realizing more as each day passes, this world is so much more broken than I ever imagined. And honestly, it’s overwhelming. There are days where I catch myself thinking, God can’t you return already? This sucks. The brokenness in the world is hurting people, it’s ruining lives. 

As I discover more about what madness goes on in the world, the Lord continues to reveal to me how broken we are…how broken I am. In this current season I’m in, the Lord is revealing hidden parts of my heart that I didn’t even know existed. As I see the brokenness going on in the world that stems from selfishness, jealousy, and impatience, I’m realizing that these are all things that I struggle with. As difficult as it is to realize and accept our own brokenness, the Lord somehow uses it to draw us closer to Him. More than that, we truly realize the necessity of Him. The necessity of needing a savior becomes grander as we realize how broken we are and that savior is Jesus, who came to the world to save (John 3:17).   

It’s crazy to think that most of the time we as Believers try to somewhat do the opposite. We try and put up a front to display to the world. Whether it’s being involved in a ministry, being in a “good” relationship, dressing modestly, singing on the worship team… it really could be anything. And I’m tired, I’m done. I’m tired of people around me trying to “fake their faith.” I’m someone who is just as broken as this world. It’s hard to accept, but it’s the truth. And I think it’s time for the Church to realize this truth. It’s time for a change in the Church. We have to realize that Jesus Himself said to the Pharisees that “it’s not those who are healthy who need a physician, but those who are sick”(Mark 2).  In the Church today, I think many of us tend to be more like the Pharisees who try and come off as righteous. We so easily and quickly point out the brokenness in the world and those around us, but have we realized the brokenness in our own hearts?  

It makes me wonder of what the world was like before the Fall. There was no war, no heartache, no hatred, none of this…this brokenness hadn’t entered the world yet. Things were at peace between people and with God. During this Advent season as we wait to celebrate His first arrival, all I can think about is the promise of restoration. All this craziness that’s happening in the world will be forever finished. There will be no more injustice, oppression, disease, and all hearts will be healed. He’s returning to redeem, to restore “shalom,” and make all things new.

During this season of waiting and celebrating the birth of Jesus, ask Him to reveal to you the brokenness in your own heart. It’s a hard place to be in because it reveals to us that we ourselves are just as broken as the world around us. But in this place invite Him in, seek Him. And He’ll begin a crazy work in your heart because of who He is. It completely changes the way we live in the Advent season. It transforms the way we pray, it changes the way we worship and gives us a clearer picture of Jesus. The Christmas story gains a new sense of realness as we see the love He extended to us, and reminds us that “the first Advent is the pledge of the glory to be revealed” and the restoration to come (Charles Spurgeon). 

So Jesus, move in our hearts, reveal brokenness, and show us our need for a Savior, Amen. 

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