The Birth

This Christmas season has been a weird one for me. Honestly, I think it’s because I’ve had more time than usual this month, even though it’s been busy, to let my thoughts just wonder. Usually that’s not a good thing for me, but Jesus was extremely gracious to me and opened my eyes to the grandness of the simple truths of His birth. This is the first Christmas season in years that hasn’t been filled with Christmas play directing, choir practice, or putting together other Christmas festivities. Because of that, I’ve really been able to press into the Christmas story.

Most of us are familiar with the Christmas story(Luke 2), but I ask that you challenge yourself to really press into it. Unfortunately, I think we forget how crazy the story of the birth of Christ is. He was born to Mary, who was a virgin. Our God was born in a stable. Jesus was born to a couple that was not married yet. One would think these are factors that are unsuitable for a King, but it’s insane how these things don’t limit God. Rather He is glorified even greater because it goes to show how His power and love is unconditional. Jesus came down from Heaven to this world in the form of a baby. Pause and think about it. He entered the world as a baby, as an infant…let that soak in. The same way that you and I entered the world, that’s what Jesus looked like when He entered this broken world. God easily could have been like forget these humans, they’re disobedient and unfaithful. But instead, His response is love. He is faithful and keeps the promise He made since the beginning. Ever since the Fall with Adam and Eve in the Garden, I believe He has had the incarnation on His heart. He knew He had to send His Son as a sacrifice. The one who would grow up and “[be] wounded for our transgressions…[and] crushed for our iniquities” (Isaiah 53).

God, the Creator who holds everything, veiled His glory and humbled Himself. He became human(John 1:1-18). He entered in the form of the same creation that had betrayed Him in the very beginning. It blows my mind even when I attempt to wrap my mind around it, it’s so crazy. We have a God that loved us so much, that He came to us. Jesus was born to die, so that we could live in freedom. His birth in a way seals the deal for us in regards to Eternity. His first coming reassures His promise to us of His return. But rather than an infant, He will be returning to us riding on a white horse. At Christmas time, not only are we celebrating Christ’s birth, but also reassured and reminded of His second coming. His faithfulness is beyond our understanding. 

Entering into 2018, that’s the only thing I’m holding onto- His faithfulness. Jesus alone is the one who can save and where our identity should be found- not our education, occupation, family, significant other, or our reputation. This is something that the Lord has been teaching me these past few months, and it’s been a difficult one if I’m to be completely honest. The ring you see in the featured image is one I bought from Pura Vida and it’s reminded me of the truths the Lord speaks over and over to me daily. It has reminded me to be true to not just myself, but also to Him no matter what direction life pulls us. It’s reminded me that He remains faithful in all seasons and we’re to trust Him through it all.

So as we reflect on this past year, think about the ways He has been faithful, to you personally and also in regards to His birth and His promise of His second coming. Remind yourself of who you are and Whose you are no matter what this new year may bring. And hold these reminders close to your heart as you enter into this new year and prepare to take on whatever may come your way. 

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