Mountains and Valleys

A few months ago I got a new bracelet that’s light pink and it has a charm that looks like mountains. One of my friends noticed it and asked me what it meant and I shared with him that it was a metaphor that symbolizes how Jesus is with us through both the mountains and valleys as we walk through life. Not until very recently, when I’ve had to walk through some of those valleys did I realize the grandness of this metaphor. Jesus illustrates His faithfulness to us during each season, but especially when we’re walking through those difficult valleys.

I think it’s easy for us to say “God is in control” or “He sees everything,” but to truly believe it, it completely changes us. It means that when we go through valleys, we have the freedom to cry, be upset, and lament, knowing that there’s Hope. Lamentations 3 shows this better than I could explain. It begins by reflecting on Israel’s affliction, but then transitions to remembering the Hope we have. The author proclaims the Lord’s loving-kindness, His compassion, and praises Him for His faithfulness. I know for me in these seasons, this response can be difficult, but these seasons are so rewarding and it’s when the Lord teaches me more than I could imagine. Without the valleys we walk through, the mountains wouldn’t seem so high and without the mountains, the valleys wouldn’t seem so low.  

The response the Lord deserves and desires from us no matter the season is worship. As David says in Psalm 34:1, “I will extol the Lord at all times; His praise will always be on my lips.” Scripture calls for us to continually come before the King in worship, not depending on the season we’re in. And trust me, it’s not always the easiest thing to do.  but it’s what we’re to choose to do. When we’re able to refocus our eyes on the King, He stirs up a desire in our hearts that wants nothing else.

Whether it be issues with school or work, a broken heart, financial instability, or difficulties with family or friendships, seek Him and bring all your praise to Him.  He remains faithful in all seasons, at all times. Through the mountains, through the valleys, you’re never alone because He is beside you. Jesus tends to work in ways that we can’t ever fathom. At times, just because we don’t see His hand at work in the way we want, that doesn’t mean He isn’t at work. Especially in seasons of heartache, confusion, or despair, know God is faithful through it all. So as you walk through the highest mountains and lowest valleys, be confident in knowing that Jesus holds you in His hands, He cares for you deeply, and He is faithful till the End. Praise Him in each and every season because of that.  

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