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For those of you that know me, you know that I have a huge family with so many little cousins. Since I grew up as one of the older ones, the younger ones always came to me with their curious questions. Around the time I was in middle school, one of them was sitting with me during our Easter service at church. He was about four years old and full of questions. If you’ve grown up in the church you know that Easter Sunday is the special day that the Resurrection is celebrated. Throughout the service the focus is on the cross, empty tomb and how Jesus was no where to be found when the women were looking for his body. My little cousin turned to me with curiosity in his eyes and asked, “Julia chechi, where is Jesus now?” I was taken off guard by this grand question from someone so small. I tried to explain to him how Jesus ascended to Heaven, but He is also here with us and dwells among us. And he sat there with such wonder in his eyes. He was in complete awe that Someone did that.  

I’m someone who has grown up in the church and have heard of the stories about Jesus since the day I was born. However, it wasn’t until I was 17 that these stories became real to me. I’m currently 21 and over the course of these past few years there have been so many times a part of me wished I wasn’t born into a Christian household. I’m not saying that I’m not forever grateful for having this kind of foundation, but I’ve always imagined how much more the Gospel would impact my heart if it wasn’t the norm when looking at my background. It feels like as I’ve always been told who Jesus is and in some strange way at times I become numb to the Gospel. By that what I mean is, when I think back to the previously mentioned conversation I had with my little cousin,  I’m not constantly filled with the same wonder I saw in his eyes that day. I’ll never forget the wonder in his eyes. This admiration of Jesus. I want that, an unwavering wonder for Jesus. We should all desire to constantly be consumed by admiration for our King. 

He alone deserves it. For me, I’ve learned during my years as a Believer how radically our hearts are transformed as we sit with Jesus. It’s crazy how He transforms our hearts as we interact with Him, and how our wonder and admiration for Him grows. 

One of the songs by Amanda Cook captivates this desire better than I’ve ever heard-   May we never lose our wonder. Wide eyes and mystified, may we be just like a child. Staring at the beauty of our King. This type of awe that we see so often in the eyes of children when they discover things that we have become so numb to, whether it be how our body parts move, how planes can fly, or even the simpler things in life. This is the kind of wonder we should have for Jesus.

In Psalm 40:5 , David writes how “many are the wonders which [the Lord has] done…[and] there is none to compare with You.” He continues by explaining how “if [we were to] declare and speak of them, they would be too numerous to count.” And David’s totally right. We would never be able to even attempt to count the works the Lord has done in our life, it’s past our understanding. These works reveal the ways He constantly pursues, loves, and cherishes us. He is forever faithful and has promised us Eternity. When we first learn about these mysteries we’re in such overwhelming awe.

Like I said earlier, there are times when a part of me wonders what my faith would be like if I wasn’t born into a Christian household and came to know Jesus. I think these thoughts sometimes undermine the power of the Gospel without me even realizing it. It reminds me of Paul’s words in Romans 1:16 of how the Gospel shows the power of God in that salvation is for everyone. Whether you’re someone that has heard about Jesus from day one or heard about Him for the first time a day ago, it’s powerful enough to transform even the coldest of hearts. And that in itself reveals the power, but more so the compassion of our Jesus. Why would we ever want to not be in admiration of this God?

And lately that’s been my prayer- Jesus, help me to never lose my wonder. Each of us should never want to lose our wonder for our King. Ask Him to continually refresh our wonder and admiration for Him. If you’ve never been captivated by this loving and gracious Jesus, take a chance and ask Him to reveal Himself to you. Jesus, help us to become like children as we walk through life and wait until You return. Help us to never lose sight and forever admire You, and You alone because Your’s is the Kingdom, the power, and the glory forever. You deserve all our praise for now and forevermore.

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