I’m an elementary education major so of course today at my internship my second graders had a Valentine’s Day party. As we were eating cupcakes, playing Valentine’s bingo and passing out cards, I overheard a conversation between two of my girls. One of my girls realized she was short by one card and didn’t have one to put in the other girl’s box. She was really worried and upset so she told the other girl that she didn’t have enough, but could do her best to bring her something tomorrow…but the other little girl’s response took me by surprise. She told her, “no it’s okay…I have enough already, so it’s fine!” And like a ton of bricks, the Lord reminded me of deep truths about His love. 

This isn’t one of those posts that’s trying to empower all my single peeps. It’s just words I feel led to share with the hopes they will remind you of God’s great love. The conversation I overheard between two of the girls in my class reminded me about how great God’s love for us is, it’s enough. There is not any love in this world that can take it’s place or compare. “His faithful loves endures forever” (1 Chronicles 16:34).God’s love for us is enough. We shouldn’t feel like we need to have the love of another human in order to feel loved because His love for you and me and is greater than all. If you do, those are lies from the enemy. He pursues us even when we’re trying to hide. The Lord reminds us of the truths when the enemy is trying to throw lies at us. 

 To myself and all my single friends, I know today can be hard. But honestly, it allows for us to really press in and understand how much God loves us. Rather than moping around and tearing yourself apart, seek Him out today. Hold tight to the truth that “God showed his great love for [you and me] by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners” (Romans 5:8). It’s crazy, NO ONE can love you the way Jesus loves you. Also, if Jesus does have a special someone in your future, take time and pray for that person. Pray that Jesus is working in them, surrounding them with brothers and sisters, and preparing them for what He has in store for their future. 

To my friends who are married or in a relationship, I’m so happy for you. That there is someone in your life that is able to reflect the love that Jesus has for you. However, know that it cannot ever compare to the love Jesus has for you in its entirety. Don’t allow yourself to fall into a dangerous place where your identify is found in that relationship. Look to Jesus, have Him be at the center of it all. Let Him constantly remind you of His love for you.  

If you do not personally know this Jesus, I ask that you give Him a chance to completely transform your life with His love. It’s insane what He can do.

Happy Valentine’s Day, know that you are loved and treasured by the King!


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